Capital City Projects

  1. Chip & Seal Reconstruction of Streets in Lin Dell Estates
  2. East Bear Creek Road Expansion
  3. FM 664 Project
  4. Loop 9
  5. Westmoreland Road/South Hampton Road Reconstruction

Resolution R-03-18 was approved by the City Council on February 6, 2018 authorizing the reconstruction of the following utilizing a 2-course layer of chip and seal over a cement treated subgrade at the quoted bid price of $153,753:

  • East Overhill Drive
  • East Southbrook Drive
  • East Wood Dell Drive
  • Greenmound Drive
  • Grove Lane (in the Lin Dell Estates Subdivisions)
  • Lakeshore Lane
  • Watercrest Lane

Funding for this project was approved by Council to be charged to the 2016 General Obligation Bond. Ellis County Precinct 4 Public Works Forecast to Perform Chip and Seal Reconstruction of streets in Lin Dell Estates During 1st or 2nd Week in August 2018.