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1. Can I pay my citation over the phone or online or drop box?
2. If I have a commercial drivers license (CDL) can I take deferred disposition or a driving safety course?
3. Where do I mail my payment or request for deferred disposition or driving safety?
4. Can I reset my court date the day of court?
5. How much is my fine, it is not listed on the citation?
6. Can I enroll in a payment plan for my warrants?
7. Where is court held, there are two addresses listed on my citation?
8. What time do you close?
9. My child received a ticket and is a Juvenile, can I just pay it and not come to court?
10. I want to take Defensive Driving, but do not know where to take the class. Do you have a listing?
11. I received a citation and do not want to appear in court. Can I just pay it before my court date?