When is the garbage collected?

Trash, Recycle and Bulk will be collected on Wednesdays for all Glenn Heights residents.

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1. When is the garbage collected?
2. How do I apply for water/sewer service or ask questions about my existing account?
3. Can I pay my bill online?
4. I have questions about my water bill, who do I contact?
5. What procedures should be taken if I have a dispute with my water bill?
6. How do I disconnect or transfer service if I am moving?
7. What are the current water and sewer rates?
8. Who do I call if I have a water emergency after hours, such as a broken pipe or sewer problems?
9. How do I establish new water/sewer service at a property that is not currently connected to the city’s system?
10. My trash can is broken or missing?
11. When are water bills due?
12. What if I have not received my bill?