Time Served Requests

You may request credit for time served if you have been in or are in custody for Class C misdemeanor offenses with the City of Glenn Heights Municipal Court. To request credit, do the following:

  • You must complete the Motion for Time Served form (DOCX).
  • If you seek credit for time served from a jail facility other than Glenn Heights, you must provide documentation from the County Jail where you were in custody. It must include the county sheriff agency's information and reflect the date of arrest and date of release.
  • You may mail or deliver your paperwork to the Clerk's office. You may also send your information via fax to: 972-223-9307. Attention: Court Administrator.

Request Processing

Your request will be reviewed by the Judge. Please allow 14 business days before contacting the court to verify if credit was granted or denied. If granted and you have unresolved Omnibase holds on your license, you are responsible for paying those fees to have the hold removed.