Public Works & Infrastructure


Public Works and Infrastructure provides services that affect the daily lives of all of Glenn Heights' citizens and many visitors. The department strives to provide quality service to our customers and to meet the needs of our citizens, provide safe drinking water, sanitary sewer service, family friendly parks and adequate drainage. All of these services to ensure a community suited for comfortable living.


  • Cross Connection Control Program
  • Engineering
  • Meter Service
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Storm Water
  • Street
  • Waste Water
  • Water


View Past Drinking Water Quality Reports

Texas Commission Of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Standards

Glenn Heights public water system is not in violation with the Texas Commission Of Environmental Quality. View the following documents for more information:

Water Conservation Plan and Restrictions

  • Plan Implemented April 1 - October 31 every year.
  • Learn more about water restrictions.  
    • Reference Sec. 13.03.044     Water waste prohibition 
      2020 Summer Water Conservation Watering schedule

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