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Texas Smartscape – utilizes xeriscape principles, but goes beyond the basics by providing design, care and plant search tools that are “Smart” for North Central Texas.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Trinity Trudy’s Storm Water World - Dallas Storm Water quality Management Program interactive activities for kids

Texas Commission of Environment Quality (TCEQ) – Storm Water resources for educators and community.

City of Fort Worth Environmental Collection Center.


Helpful Links

Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center

Keep Texas Beautiful

North Central Texas Illegal Dumping Hotline

  • 1-888-335-DUMP

What is Storm Water Management?

In 1972, the Federal Government adopted the Clean Water Act in an effort to begin protecting and cleaning the public’s water supply, creeks and lakes. That legislation has progressed and become more aggressive over years. Beginning in 2008, the City of Glenn Heights was required, through Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), to participate in an extension of the Clean Water Act called the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) and with this program, the City became responsible for many unfunded mandates from the State of Texas.

After much research, deliberation and consideration the City Council, on September 21, 2009, approved a new utility fee effective October 1, 2009. This utility fee is included on the monthly water bill.

  • Residential fee           $5.08 per month

Commercial fee calculated on the square feet of lot size is based on a tiered system as follows:

  • 0 – 25,000 sf = $15.00
  • 25,000 – 43,560 sf = $30.00
  • 43,560 – 130,680 sf = $50.00
  • 130,680 – 217,800 sf = $100.00
  • 217,800 ad = $175.00

The fee funds Storm Water control efforts such as:

  • Storm Drainage Maintenance
  • Annual Street Sweeping
  • Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Clean Up Day
  • Increased surveillance, investigation and
  • Prosecution of illegal dumping

Assistance is Available

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality maintains many toll-free numbers for specific uses. For a full listing, visit

Environmental Complaints Hot Line
Texas residents can use this line to report environmental complaints. Calls will be routed automatically to the closest TCEQ regional office.
Ozone Status Line
Provides the latest status of ozone warnings for Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth. Updated hourly. 7 days a week.
Fraud Reporting Hot Line
For use by the public to report allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse related to TCEQ operations.
Public Assistance on Permitting
One-stop calling for the general public to inquire about permitting activity within the TCEQ.
Smoking Vehicle Reporting Line
For use by the public to report vehicles emitting smoke from the exhaust.
Small Business Assistance
Hotline for small businesses to request information on how to comply with environmental regulations.
Local Government Assistance
Hotline for local governments to obtain information, advice, and assistance from the TCEQ.
Superfund Community Relations Line
Local citizens may call with questions and concerns regarding state and federal superfund sites in their area.


Citizens are encouraged to reduce their household trash by recycling. The City has three recycle bins located at City Hall, 1938 S. Hampton Road. If you wish to help by recycling, place your items in the bins. Acceptable items are aluminum cans, paper, plastic, and glass. All containers should be free of food debris. Please do not put any Hazardous Waste in the containers. For additional information, contact City Hall at 972-223-1690. (more)

The following items may be recycled:

  • Newspapers, magazines and telephone books, junk mail, envelopes, cardboard boxes
  • Aluminum beverage cans, steel/tin cans
  • Glass bottles, clear and colored
  • #1 and #2 plastic bottles and containers (HDPE & PET)

Pre/Post Construction Contact Information

Chris Patterson
Utility Superintendent
Utilities & Infrastructure
2118 South Uhl Road
Glenn Heights, TX 75154

Enforcement Contact Information

Bill Terry
Environmental Officer
550 E. Bear Creek
Glenn Heights, TX 75154
972-223-3478 x 255