Food Service Permit Application

Food Establishment Permit Application

Application Type:   Original   Renewal

Establishment Name:    Phone: 

Establishment Address: 

Owner's Name:            


Owner's Address:          


Number of Employee's:      



Zip Code: 

Food Handlers Information:

Name:                  Name: 

Name:                  Name: 

*** One Certified Food Handler per Shift. Please Attach Copy of Certificates***

Please Check One:

Restaurant Daycare/Schools Convenience Store Other: 

Printer Name of Owner/Manager:     

Person Filling out Application: 

Date of Application: 


Permit Number: ___________________

Permit Fee:            $400        

Approved by:   ____________________

Account Number:  100-453-4335

City Stamp Here






Please send permit fee of $400.00 and copies of all food handlers certificates to:

City of Glenn Heights   Building Permit and Inspections Department    2118 S. Uhl Rd. Glenn Heights, Texas 75154    Phone Number: 972-223-1690 Ext. 451   Fax Number: 972-274-5110

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