Other Utilities & Services

  • HILCO Electric Cooperative, Inc. 800-338-6425
  • ONCOR Electric 972-791-2888
  • Atmos Energy 888-286-6700
  • AT&T 800-464-7928
  • DeSoto ISD 972-223-6666
  • Red Oak ISD 972-617-2941
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For inquiries and service requests: Visit Citizen Dashboard


Requirements to establish Water/Sewer/Garbage Service

  • Complete online application form. Present forms to the Utility Billing office in person or via mail or fax.
  • Deposit is $100-$150. You may pay the deposit in person, by cash, check, money order, Master Card or Visa.
  • Once the application forms are received and approved, you may pay the deposit by telephone with Master Card or Visa.
  • Provide a copy of valid driver’s license or picture ID.
  • Provide copy of any paperwork showing new ownership
  • Fax: 972-223-9307

Note: Due to the Privacy Act, account information will be discussed only with the person on the account.

The function of the Utility Billing Office is to provide the citizens of Glenn Heights with prompt and courteous customer service while maintaining an accurate and efficient water billing system. The staff provides water and sewer customer service to the citizens of Glenn Heights, reviews and coordinates the monthly bills.

Utility Questions or Concerns

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Services Provided

  • Receive and process payments (cash, check, money order, credit card)
  • Respond to billing inquiries and service requests
  • Resolve online bill payment issues
  • Receive and process new applications and deposits
  • Disconnection of meter for final bill
  • Coordinate monthly billing
  • Issue service requests

Monthly Billing

Water and Sewer Charges

The water and sewer rates are billed in two parts: meter/base charge and volume/usage charge.

  1. Meter/base charges cover overhead costs such as
    • reading and maintaining the meter,
    • account maintenance and billing,
    • mailing bills and processing.
  2. The volume/usage charge is billed in thousands of gallons and determined by the amount of water used. This charge covers variable costs such as
    • chemicals,
    • electric power,
    • facility maintenance,
    • repair of water and sewer mains
    • cleaning the sewer system
    • purchased water and
    • sewer treatment.


The City has recently adopted a recycling plan, and as such, regular trash collection has changed from twice a week collection to once a week collection. The total amount of refuse collection should not be affected.

A flat rate per month provides once a week residential trash pickup which includes one container and once a week recycling pickup on Wednesdays. A separate 96 cart is provided for recycling. Additional trash containers or recycling containers are available for an extra monthly fee.

Schedule is as follows

  • Tuesdays: Trash and brush/bulk for residences East of S. Uhl Road – Use GREEN LID CART ONLY.
  • Wednesdays: Citywide recycling – Use YELLOW LID CART ONLY.
  • Fridays: Trash and brush/bulk for residences West of S. Uhl Road – Use GREEN LID CART ONLY.

All trash and recyclables should be placed at the curb or alley depending on neighborhood by 7:00 a.m. on collection day to ensure prompt pick-up. Please be sure to place your collection carts at curbside ONLY on your designated day. Place carts at least 3 feet from vehicles, other carts or objects with the lid facing the street. The lid must be completely closed.

Recyclable material includes:

(Recycling Instructions)

  • Cans and Foil: tin, aluminum, steel or bi-metal cans, aerosol cans and jar lids.
  • Paper: Newspaper, junk mail, cardboard, books, phone books, egg cartons, frozen food packaging, paper bags and boxes and magazines. NO gift wrapping paper, No photos, or food contaminated paper.
  • Plastic: Plastic bottles #1-#7, milk jugs and detergent containers. NO plastic bags, NO food contaminated items, NO Styrofoam or packing peanuts.
  • Glass: Bottles and jars, food containers, beverage containers. (Please rinse) NO light bulbs, ceramics or glass windows or mirrors.

Do not place construction debris, hazardous waste, pesticides, herbicides, batteries, oil, paint, CFL light bulbs, cleaning fluid, biomedical waste, sharps or dead animals weighing over 10 pounds in collection carts.

Residents may place out for collection up to four (4) cubic yards of bulk waste (furniture, washers, dryers, etc.) on regular trash collection day.

  • Brush no longer has to be bundled but please be sure to cut limbs, branches, etc. into manageable lengths. No limbs over 40 pounds.

Storm Water Drainage Fee

This fee funds the City’s Storm Water Utility to meet requirements of an unfunded federal mandate to control Storm Water pollution.

The Storm Water Drainage Fee for residential customers is a flat fee. The fee for commercial customers is based on land size. This fee funds Storm Water control efforts such as:

  • Storm Drainage Maintenance,
  • Annual Street Sweeping,
  • Household Hazardous Waste Disposal,
  • Clean Up Day,
  • Increased surveillance, investigation and
  • Prosecution of illegal dumping.

Water Bill Payment Methods

The City will accept payments in cash, check, money order or credit card (Visa and Master Card only).

Payments may be made by:

  • Mail,
  • Telephone,
  • Online,
  • Drop Box (in front of City Hall), or
  • In person at the Utility Billing Payment window located in the foyer of City Hall.

Moving or Transfer of Service

Please notify us in advance of the move or transfer date.