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When is the garbage collected?

Garbage is currently collected either Tuesdays or Fridays depending on the location of your address. Starting in October 2016, Trash and Recycle will be collected on Wednesdays for all of Glenn Heights.

Trash Schedule 

How do I apply for water/sewer service or ask questions about my existing account?

You may call Utility Billing Office at 972-223-1690 Ext. 200, 201 or 213. You may also stop by our office located in City Hall at 1938 S. Hampton Rd.

Water Application 

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, online bill payment is available. This will allow you to choose your Water Utility account to view or make a payment. The first time you make an online water payment, it will require your last payment amount and your account number with the dashes.

Online Payment

I have questions about my water bill, who do I contact?

You may call the Utility Billing office at 972-223-1690 ext. 200, 201 or 213. Or, you may stop by our office located at 1938 S Hampton Rd.

What procedures should be taken if I have a dispute with my water bill?

You may call the Utility Billing office or stop by to notify us of the dispute. A meter read can then be scheduled to either verify the charges or confirm a discrepancy. If a discrepancy is found, the account will be reviewed and an adjustment will be made if there is a valid reason.

How do I disconnect or transfer service if I am moving?

To start, stop or transfer your water/sewer service online, click on "Citizen Action Center" located below

"Citizen Action Center"

What are the current water and sewer rates?

Click link below to view current rates:

Current water and sewer rates

Who do I call if I have a water emergency after hours, such as a broken pipe or sewer problems?

Call the Police Department's dispatch office at 972.223.3478

How do I establish new water/sewer service at a property that is not currently connected to the city’s system?

Visit the City of Glenn Heights' Municipal Services Office located at 2118 S. Uhl or call 972.274.5100 for permit information.

My trash can is broken or missing?

You may call the Utility Billing office at 972-223-1690 ext. 200, 201 or 213.

When are water bills due?

Water bills are due by the 15th of each month. If payment is not received by the due date there will be a late fee of $25 or 15% whichever is greater of the total charges.

What if I have not received my bill?

Bills are mailed out the first week of each month. If you have not received your bill by the 10th of the month please call City Hall Utility Billing Department at 972-223-1690 ext 200, 201, or 213.