Presiding Judge Bio



Presiding Judge Melodee Armstrong graduated from Dartmouth College where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and earned a law degree from the University of Houston Law Center. Melodee Armstrong is a judge, magistrate, mediator, Certified Hearing Examiner and has 19 years experience as an attorney. She brings over 11 years of judicial experience to the City of Glenn Heights. Her experience has enabled her to work with a diverse group of court dockets, police departments, prosecutors, attorneys and alleged offenders spanning five counties. Her judicial philosophy includes promoting neutrality and holding offenders accountable while permitting opportunities for rehabilitation and growth to improve behavior and conduct. In addition, to Presiding Judge in Glenn Heights she is an Associate Judge for the City of Dallas and the City of Cockrell Hill as well as maintaining a private law practice. Previously, she served as Presiding Judge for Court Number 8 in the City of Dallas for several years. Prior to Judge Armstrong’s appointment, Kathy Austin had been the Presiding Judge since 1999. Before her tenure the role was held by Judge Austin’s Mother, Helen Bissaillion.