Why should I check my blood pressure

Why should I check my blood pressure?

Checking your blood pressure is important because it gives lets us know how hard our heart is working. High blood pressure, or Hypertension, is known as a silent killer. Meaning, your heart will continue to have to work harder to pump blood through your vessels. The harder your heart has to work the more damage is being done. Blood pressure can be controlled with medication, exercise, diet and lifestyle changes.

What factors put me at risk for high blood pressure?

There are many factors such as family history, obesity, smoking, diabetes, and excessive alcohol in take.

How do I check it?  You can get a blood pressure cuff at local stores.  There are two numbers involved in checking your blood pressure.  The top number, the Systolic blood pressure is the pressure that your heart creates when it contracts to pump blood through out your body.  The  bottom number is Diastolic, which is the pressure in your vascular system when the heart is at rest.  The normal range for a systolic blood pressure is 90-140.  Here is an informative video on blood pressure. 

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