Fire Inspection

Mission Statement of the Fire Marshal's Office

To provide an enriched fire safe environment by partnering with the citizens and business community through consistent quality code management in the areas of:

    • Investigations
    • Inspections

    • Enforcement

    • Program/Project Management

    • Engineering

    • Systems Testing

    • With a professional staff committed to those we serve.

Foster Home Inspection Check List

Inspection Requests and Procedures

All inspection requests shall be coordinated by contacting our office at (972) 223-1690 ext 214.


Inspection Requests

Contact our office at least twenty-four hours in advance of the requested inspection date and time.

The following information must be provided when calling for an inspection:

     A. Permit Number
     B. Name and Address of Project
     C. Fire Protection Contractors
         Company Name
     D. Contact Name and Phone Number
     E. Type of Inspection Requested
A representative of the company requesting the inspection must be present at the time of inspection. 

Only a representative of the company to which the permit is issued is permitted to schedule an inspection.

FMO approved, stamped and signed plans must be kept on the job site and presented to the inspector upon request. Contractor shop drawings are not considered approved plans.

If the plans were approved and permitted through the EPR-CAD process, it is the contractor’s responsibility to pick up the permit in our office or make arrangements for the inspector to bring the permit to the job site.

Plan Submittal Information

Plans approved by the Fire Marshal's Office, Engineering Division give authorization for construction. Final approvals are subject to field inspection and verification. Any approval issued by the Fire Marshal's Office does not release the contractor or property owner from the responsibility of full compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances relating to the construction project.  All installations must concur with the approved plans. Any deviation from the approved plans requires a re-submittal to the Fire Marshal's Office, PRIOR TO INSPECTION. Failure to submit revised plans prior to the inspection may result in a delay for inspection and sign-off.


All plan submittals must be accompanied by a Fire Protection Plan Review/Permit Application. NO EXCEPTIONS.


All plan submittals must be accompanied by a copy of their respective Texas State Fire Marshal's Office (TSFMO) or Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ).


All plan submittals and calculations must be signed by a TSFMO License Contractor, TECQ Licensed Contractor or Qualified F.P.E.

Plan Review Time and Hierarchy

It is the goal of the Fire Marshal's Office to complete your plan review within the shortest possible time.  We strive to complete your plan review within five (5) to ten (10) business days from receipt of complete plan submittal package.  Please be advised that revisions, changes, or an incomplete submittal package may delay your final plan approval.

Plans  are reviewed based upon the hierarchy of fire protection systems. That is, the fire sprinkler overhead will not be reviewed until the fire sprinkler underground has been permitted, and the fire alarm will not be reviewed until the fire sprinkler system has been permitted.


This same rule is applied to civil and building construction plans. Civil plans are not reviewed until the Site Plan is approved, and building construction plans are not reviewed until the civil plans have been approved.

On-Site Permit Requirements.

Keep plans and permit on the job-site at all times during the construction process.

1. One set of approved plans, permit and review letter shall be maintained on site at all times.
2. Fire Protection System Permit shall be posted near the entrance to the building or kept in a permit jacket in the construction trailer at all times until the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
3. All previous inspection forms shall be maintained on-site and available upon request by the inspector.

The Fire Marshal and/or field inspector may request additional inspections as necessary.


Final Inspection

This inspection shall be conducted when all sheet rock and millwork is completed. The objective of this inspection is to verify device coverage is still adequate after the initial rough inspection. This will enable the Fire Marshal's Office and the Fire Protection Contractor the ability to make necessary changes prior to request for the Certificate of Occupancy.


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