Deputy Fire Chief, Keith Moore Bio

                                                                        Deputy Keith Moore


Deputy Fire Chief, Keith Moore started his career in 1999 with the Glenn Heights Fire Department as a Volunteer Firefighter / EMT - Basic. In December of 2000, the City of Glenn Heights decided to hire its first ever full time Firefighters.   Chief Moore was one of six full time fighters to be hired that year.  After being recently hired by the Glenn Heights Fire Department, Chief Moore was able to gain his EMT – Paramedic in 2001. He was awarded the Fire Chief’s Award in 2001 for his performance.  In 2003, Chief Moore left the fire department to attend police academy and returned back to the City of Glenn Heights in 2004 as a dispatcher.  After serving several months as a dispatcher in 2004, Chief Moore was moved to Patrol where he earned several lifesaving awards, police commendation awards and one Medal of Valor.  Chief Moore is one of three Medal of Valor awardees’ to ever be awarded by the City of Glenn Heights in 2006.  In 2007, Chief Moore received the TCLEOSE Medal of Valor for his actions that occurred during the incident in 2006 where he received the City of Glenn Heights Medal of Valor.  

In 2008 Chief Moore was transferred back to the Glenn Heights Fire Department where he worked as a Firefighter / Paramedic on shift.  At that time, he began to oversee all fire inspections, fire investigation and public fire education.  After earning his Fire Instructor certification in 2009, Captain Moore began teaching Fire and EMS classes part time at DeSoto Fire Training Center. In 2013, Chief Moore began working part time for the Ellis County Fire Marshal’s Office as a Deputy Fire Marshal.  In 2015 Chief Moore was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to C-Shift. In 2016 Chief Moore was promoted to the rank of Captain and reassigned to the Administration Division of the Glenn Heights Fire Department as Fire Marshal / Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator and Administrator of Communications.

In September of 2017 Chief Moore was promoted to Interim Deputy Fire Chief to oversee Fire Department Operations. Chief Moore is currently attending college to earn a degree in Fire Administration. Chief Moore still oversees fire inspections, fire investigations, and fire prevention along with coordinating the fire departments training.  Chief Moore currently holds TCFP Master Structural Firefighter 
Certification, TCFP Master Arson Investigator Certificate, TCFP Master Inspector Certificate, TCFP Fire Service Instructor II, TCFP Incident Safety Certificate, TCFP Driver / Operator Certificate, TCFP Fire Officer II, Pro Board Fire Officer IV, TCOLE Advance Police Officer Certificate, TCOLE Basic Instructor Certificate, DSHS EMT – Paramedic Certificate, DSHS EMS Instructor Certificate, and numerous Emergency Management Certificates.  Chief Moore was recently awarded in February 2017 the Fire Officer Accreditation from the Center of Public Safety Excellence where he is one of 373 accredited Fire Officers in the world.