Small Business


The Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) of Dallas and Ellis county provide support solutions for local business owners. 

Glenn Heights is serviced by two SBDC's: 

If you are starting a business in the Dallas County portion of Glenn Heights

·         Connect with Dallas County’s SBDC at

If you are starting a business in the Ellis County portion of Glenn Heights

·         Connect with Ellis County’s SBDC at

The resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners include…

Legal structure, licensing and permits – the SBDC can help you to determine the type of legal structure suits your business, help register your business name, understand tax obligations and licensing and permit requirements.

Loans, grants, and financial assistance – the SBDC can help you obtain a credit report, discover federal, state and non-profit grants, assist with loan applications, discover financing options from banks and non-bank lenders, and learn strategies for bringing investors to the table.

Marketing a new business – the SBDC can assist in identifying your customers and product market, developing a marketing plan, choosing a location, and assist you with internet and social marketing,

Managing your business – the SBDC can help you develop your business plan, grow your business while adhering to regulations, address finances and accounting questions, hiring practices, insurance protections, and tax obligations.

Introducing new products, services, and ideas – the SBDC can share fresh approaches for your existing business, the availability of government contracts, process for importing or exporting your product, going green, franchising your business, and using your website more effectively.

If you are starting a new business, want to grow an existing business, or want to relocate your business to the City of Glenn Heights, please contact Marlon Goff,  Economic Development Administrator at for more information.

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