from the Fire Chief

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Glenn Heights Fire Department. Glenn Heights Fire Department was established in 1978 as an all Volunteer department. It is now a combination paid and volunteer staff department and is here to serve you. Our human and technical skills are the foundation of the Glenn Heights Fire Department. The balance required to provide all the services our department is committed to delivering is rooted in being well trained and skilled. The value we place on technical and human skills is the same. Membership in the Glenn Heights Fire Department Family carries with it a host of responsibilities and expectations. The awareness and commitment to meeting all of them will ensure the fulfillment of our mission. Our awareness begins with viewing everyone as our customer.

Mission: Our mission is to provide emergency medical services, educate our citizens, prevent and suppress fires, advocate public safety and cultivate community relations.

Vision:​ To consistently exceed the citizens expectations of service delivery with the best equipment, properly trained, physically fit, fully staffed professional work force to meet the ever changing public safety needs of our diverse community with compassion, respect and integrity.

Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Safety 
  • Compassion
  • Team work
  • Tradition
  • Trust


  • Communications/911
  • EMS
  • Suppression
  • Emergency Management
  • Community Risk Reduction


1938 S. Hampton Road
Glenn Heights, TX 75154
Phone: (972) 223-1690 Ext. 320
Fax: (972) 223-9307

Department Head

Portrait of Eddie Burns

Chief Eddie Burns
Social Media
Twitter @GlennHeights_FD 

Fire Department Officers

Captain Chad Moore
Fire Marshal/Captain Keith Moore
Captain Justin Rudd
Captain Jason Cates

Key Documents

  • Monthly Reports
  • Annual Report
  • Work Plan
  • (2009-2014) Strategic Plan