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Proposed Budget Fiscal Year 2017-2018- revised 9/8/2017 -

“The Proposed Budget for the City of Glenn Heights, Texas for the Fiscal Year Beginning October 1, 2017 and Ending September 30, 2018 has been posted on the City of Glenn Heights website. The Proposed Budget is available for review using this link. A paper copy of the Proposed Budget is on file and available for public inspection in the City Secretary’s Office located at Glenn Heights City Hall, 1938 South Hampton Road, Glenn Heights, Texas 75154.”

Click here to access the City of Glenn Heights Proposed Annual Budget and Program of Services Fiscal Year 2017-2018

Wild Animal Advisory- posted 9/2/2017 -

Please be advised that the City has received credible reports of potential Bobcat activity near the Bear Creek Meadow neighborhood.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Information regarding Bobcats

Road Closure - Dove Creek Lane- revised 9/8/2017 -

Dove Creek Lane is partially reopened. However, care should be taken since only one side of the street is fully open for use by motorists traveling from either direction.

About Glenn Heights

About Glenn Heights

Perfectly positioned along I-35 East, the City of Glenn Heights is a hospitable, business-friendly, rapidly growing community divided between Dallas and Ellis counties. The City has a total area of 7.2 sq. miles (18.8 km sq.).

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#UPDATE New Automatic Side Loading (AGL) Trucks are now being utilized by Waste Management of Texas to collect recyclable materials in the City of Glenn Heights. These new vehicles are fueled by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Click Here to view AGL Truck in Action If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works at (972)-274-5100.


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